Club Ice Sessions

Are over for the year.  We will let you know if we will be able to continue this in the winter/spring 2023

Freestyle Sessions

Freestyle sessions are coordinated by EPIC (the facility) and not the skating club. EPIC’s freestyle program requires the skater to purchase a punch pass from the front desk. With the punch pass, you can buy as many visits at a time as you wish. Passes are sold in increments of $5.00 for 30 minutes of ice time each. If skaters do not have a punch pass, they can pay for each 30 minute session beforehand at the front desk by cash, check, or charge.

The goal of the punch pass program is to have every person who sets foot on the ice pay in advance. The skaters who purchased the punch passes will not have to check in at the front desk before they skate. Designated ice monitors monitor attendance, and visits will be deducted from the skaters’ passes for every 15 minutes as they skate. Any skater that has not purchased ice in advance via punch pass or single day admission will immediately be charged double for his/her ice time.

You can obtain a copy of the schedule of skate session times and off-ice conditioning class times at the front desk or via the link below.

March 2023 Freestyle Ice Schedule

Off ice classes:

Off-ice classes with Nancy are open for registration. Wednesday class will now be 5:30 – 6:15pm and Friday continues at 5:15 – 6:00pm.

Sign up HERE

Off Ice Conditioning Clinics for Freestyle Skaters by Nancy Stilson-Herzog


Body Roll Your Tissue Issues.  Learn to stretch tight tissue that can linger in the body and loosen the hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, t-band, upper and lower back, neck, and chest using foam rollers and balls.  Wear clothing that will allow you to move easily.  Foam rollers and balls provided.  Handouts Provided.

CLASS TIME 1:00 – 2:30 pm          DATE:  Saturday, January 14th                      LOCATION:  EPIC Conditioning Room

ATTENDEES:  Age 10 +                    CLASS LIMIT:  Min/Max 7/15                       FEE:  $35.00

CLASS CODE:  110382-01


Effective core training takes an integrated approach.  It involves moving in different planes (front and back, side to side, and rotating).  The “core” is considered the muscles that make up the mid trunk. The “core” includes the muscles of the low back as well as muscles attached to the hips since they are also responsible for movement and contribute to good posture.  A strong core will enhance balance and stability. Figure skaters require a strong core to improve skating skills and prevent injuries.  This workshop will walk you through essential core exercises for the beginner to advanced athlete.  Handouts included.


CLASS TIME 1:00 – 2:30 pm          DATE:  Saturday, February 11th                   LOCATION:  EPIC Conditioning Room

ATTENDEES:  Age 8 +                      CLASS LIMIT:  Min/Max 7/15                       FEE:  $35.00

CLASS CODE:  110382-02




Whether you are a top athlete in the world class, someone recovering from an injury, a toddler learning to walk, balance training is beneficial and necessary.


This workshop will teach you how to Improve neuromuscular coordination and proprioception – basically it helps improve the communication between your brain and muscles. The exercises you will learn will help with hip stabilization and improve glute strength and this in turn improves core stabilization.  Core stabilization in turn improves coordination, athletic skill, and posture.


You don’t need to buy expensive equipment to improve your balance. You can do fun and effective exercises without any equipment.  Adding 5 or 10 minutes of balance exercises to your workouts three times a week will effectively improve your balance skills.


CLASS TIME 1:00 – 2:30 pm          DATE:  Saturday, April 22nd                           LOCATION:  EPIC Conditioning Room

ATTENDEES:  Age 8 +                      CLASS LIMIT:  Min/Max 7/15                       FEE:  $35.00

CLASS CODE:  210382-01

Register at EPIC’s Front Desk

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Christine West at (970) 416-2770 or