Freestyle Sessions

Freestyle sessions are coordinated by EPIC (the facility) and not the skating club. EPIC’s freestyle program requires the skater to purchase a punch pass from the front desk. With the punch pass, you can buy as many visits at a time as you wish. Passes are sold in increments of $2.50 for 15 minutes of ice time each. If skaters do not have a punch pass, they can pay for each 15 minute session beforehand at the front desk by cash, check, or charge.

The goal of the punch pass program is to have every person who sets foot on the ice pay in advance. The skaters who purchased the punch passes will not have to check in at the front desk before they skate. Designated ice monitors monitor attendance, and visits will be deducted from the skaters’ passes for every 15 minutes as they skate. Any skater that has not purchased ice in advance via punch pass or single day admission will immediately be charged double for his/her ice time.

You can obtain a copy of the schedule of skate session times and off-ice conditioning class times at the front desk or via the link below.

March 2020 Freestyle Ice and Off Ice Conditioning Schedules

Additional skating times include public skate sessions and adult fitness skating sessions. Please contact EPIC’s front desk to inquire about skating times other than freestyle sessions: (970) 221-6683

 Off-Ice Conditioning

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Participants must fill out a paper contract form in order to register for conditioning classes; the form is included in the Freestyle & Off-Ice Schedule linked above. Please turn completed forms in to the EPIC front desk.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Christine West at (970) 416-2770 or