2021 Winter Ice Exhibition

Please register HERE for the upcoming Winter Ice Exhibition on Saturday December 18th from 9:30 am to noon. Registration is open to all Fort Collins Figure Skating Club Members and it is FREE thanks to the City of Fort Collins' generous gift. Snowplow Sam- Free Skate 6 may sign up for 1, 1:00 number OR 1 group number 1:30 maximum. Pre-Preliminary-Senior and Adult tested Skaters may sign up for 2 skates: Either 1 solo skate up to 1:30 and a group skate up to 2:00 minutes or 2 group skates up to 2:00 minutes. Synchro teams are also invited to sign up. Email aspelua@yahoo.com to sign up your synchro team. We invite all tested skaters to participate in an optional GRAND FINALE that will be choreographed "flash mob style". More details to come soon. It should be fun and no pressure, so please sign up! We may add a short rehearsal for this number shortly before the 18th. Watch your email. Please note there will be NO WARM UP ICE. We will use the large partitions and all warm ups will take place behind them.