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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is EPIC Productions?

We are a competitive showcase skating program created in 2017 to enhance artistic and theatrical opportunities for FCFSC skaters. Members are 15 – 28 skaters who learn original ensemble numbers with theatrical costumes, props, and scenery. EP provides over 90 hours of customized training on- and off-ice to enhance your teamwork and ensemble skating. EP is directed by Marianne Strobel, with 2 – 3 additional certified coaches. For more, see the program website, www.epicProductionsFoCo.org.

What Is The National Showcase Competition?

The USFS National Showcase commpetition is an annual non-qualifying competition held by U.S. Figure Skating that fuses artistic creativity with solo, duet, and group ensemble events. It is held over 5 days the first week of August. Most showcase numbers are 2 to 5 ½ minute programs with music from popular Broadway or movie musicals, such as Hamilton, Lion King, Moana, or Chicago. Showcase uses 6.0 judging for all events, based on technical merit (20%), skating skills (30%), and entertainment value (50%).

How Do I Sign Up For EPIC Productions?

Fill out the online registration form linked on the program website. All skaters must register each year. We hold informational meetings at EPIC to answer any questions. See to epicProductionsFoCo.org to sign up or learn more.

What Will I Do For The Casting Call?

The casting call is conducted in groups of skaters, organized by level. It lasts about 30 minutes for each group. You will not skate an individual program. You’ll be asked by coaches to perform jumps, spins, theatrical tricks, and an interpretive group skate. The purpose of the casting call is to place skaters into roles for the large and mini ensembles, as well as create choreography that best suits the skaters. Placements are based on skating level, skill, age, size, and the number of skaters.

What Kinds Of Roles Can I Get?

Skaters will each have two roles: one in the large ensemble with all skaters, and one in a mini-ensemble of 3 – 7 skaters. All skaters have featured moments. Younger skaters often skate in trios or quartets, and more advanced skaters have featured vignettes. Roles include exciting theatrical costumes and many skaters use props.

When Are Rehearsals And Competitions?

Rehearsals start in mid-January, and are usually held on Saturday mornings during the school year. In June and July, rehearsals are usually Tues., Wed., and Thurs. at 7:00 a.m. (final days/times are announced in January).

The ensembles will compete at the USFS National Showcase Competition. See our program website for this year’s location and other details. Some years, several of our ensembles also compete at local competitions such as the Fort Collins Classic (April) or the Colorado Springs Invitational (September). We also often perform a program in the EPIC Spring Spectacular ice show and rink exhibitions.

How Much Does It Cost?

Members pay a $250 non-refundable deposit (due just before rehearsals begin), and 7 monthly payments (February through August) for the remainder of EP fees. Total cost depends on number of skaters, and has ranged from $1,500 to $1,800 in previous years. You will be billed electronically, and you may use bank or credit card payments. Fees cover all costs associated with the program except travel. Fees cover rehearsals, costumes, props, competition registration, coaching, photos/videos, and all other program expenses. The final cost will be announced after the casting call.

What If I Have More Questions?

We will hold a parent meeting before your final decision needs to be made. Or you can email Marianne Strobel at mkstrobel@hotmail.com or the volunteer Team Manager Rosa Martey at rosa.martey@colostate.edu, or go to www.epicProductionsFoCo.org.

Video for 2018 group production The Greatest Showman!