Athlete Centered Skating Seminar Saturday and Sunday February 6-7, 2021 at EPIC

Boston figure skating coaches Garrett Lucash and Sean Marshinkski are coming to EPIC on February 6th and 7th to offer a 2 day (3 hours on ice and 1 hour off ice seminar) to full club members (18 years and younger) that have passed the pre-preliminary free skate test and above.


They are going to introduce us to their Athlete Centered Skating philosophy that fosters the individual strengths of each athlete.  ACS uniquely combines the expert knowledge of figure skating technique with effective learning methods to ensure athletes remain engaged, in control, and improve in a positive and supportive training environment.  Athlete Centered Skating emphasizes: Learning, Structure and Communication.


Garrett Lucash is a US pairs champion, World Team member and international medalist who was a 2020 National Development Team Coach.  He received the 2020 Pieter Kollen Sport Science Award and is the current USFS and PSA chair of the Sports Science Committee.  He is a member of PSA and is on the Sport Science and Medicine Committee at USFS.  Garrett’s coaching philosophy uniquely combines expert figure skating technique with effective learning methods to help athletes succeed in sport and life.


Sean Marshinski is also a National Development Team coach for USFS. He had the unique opportunity to train under some of the best coaches in the country.  He has spent his coaching career developing his coaching skills and exploring the sports science field.  Sean’s coaching philosophy is to help students take responsibility for their own learning, display self-discipline, commitment and resilience. His style of coaching teaches students to self-regulate and to give them skills that will help them on and off the ice.


Check out their website HERE


When:  February 6th and 7th, 2021. Specific times for each group :

Saturday February 6th:

Group 1: 12:45-2:15-On ice

Group 2: 2:30-4:00pm- On ice

Group 2: 4:15-5:15- Off ice


Sunday February 7th:

Group 2: 10:30 -12:00- On ice

Group 1: 12:30-2:00- On ice

Group 1: 2:15-3:15- Off ice


Who: All full members of the Fort Collins Figure Skating Club that have at least passed the pre-preliminary free skate test and are 18 year old and under.  We will limit groups to 20 people. 

What:  A 2-day seminar (total of 4 hours instruction time).  Skaters will be divided in to two groups.  Each group will have 1.5 hours on ice each day and will have 1 hour of off ice on either Saturday or Sunday.

Cost:  $120 (+$3.89 in fees) if you register by January 29th at 11:59pm.  Cost will increase to $150 (+$4.79 in fees) at midnight on January 30th.  If there is room, we will allow registration up until February 4th at noon.  No cash.  Online payment only.

Make sure that you fill out the online COVID form before you come on February 6th and 7th!

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