Off-Ice Conditioning Classes:
Epic’s off-ice conditioning classes are available to all skaters in the Figure Skating and Learn to Skate Freestyle programs. Fees are extremely reasonable and all classes are taught by highly experienced conditioning coaches. The group classes are designed to improve the strength, skills, and abilities of the skater while helping to prevent injuries. The majority of the classes are taught in a combination to accommodate tight schedules and for efficiency.

The conditioning classes include a quarterly Personal Best Fitness Test and Evaluation which will include a series of tests.  Refer to the EPIC Off-Ice Performance Testing Explanation to Parent and Coach.

Class schedules and fees are available with the freestyle ice contracts.

The athlete will have the opportunity to practice off-ice jumps, work on plyometric jumping to help increase jump height on the ice, and work on the harness and spinner plates improving rotational skills and technique.

This class includes cardiovascular, strength and core training into one class. This class is done in the weight room using tubing, free weights, and cardio and weight machines.

Circuit Training
This class implements a variety of strength, cardio, balance, core, and flexibility into one class. The class is held in the conditioning room using fit balls, tubing, small free weights, cables and more.

Abs & Back Care
Pilates and pilates-based methods are used to improve core strength.

This class includes general stretching of the muscles and includes deep tissue stretching using foam rollers and balls that help release tissue tightness.

Get your heart pumpin’, build cardiovascular endurance and implement rhythmic plyometric jumps.
This class is fast-paced, fun choreographed 32-count moves without stopping to build your fitness
level fast and lean you out for competition.
The class is not for younger than 10 years old.

How to sign up:

All skaters have the option to participate in the conditioning program by completing a general information form located at the front desk by the contracts. Simply return the completed form to Nancy Stilson-Herzog’s in-box at the front desk and the skater will be signed up for the program.

The off-ice conditioning program includes:

  • Coach Evaluation – This form is completed for the student by the head coach. The form includes pertinent information regarding the technical on-ice errors the skater is challenged with – this evaluation is updated every 6 months. The form is sent to the off-ice conditioning coach for review.
  • Quarterly Personal Best Fitness Test – Consists of strength and power tests for the upper and lower body, cardio strength and endurance test, jump height and flexibility test, an abdominal strength evaluation which consists of 7 various core exercises.Test results are entered into the EPIC database. Kids attending off-ice conditioning classes are automatically tested every quarter in the class.
    Note: A quarterly email reminder when tests will be conducted are sent out to the parents. Tests are conducted in the conditioning classes and test sign-up and dates for new participants will be posted in the lobby approx 10 days prior to testing.
  • Results – Evaluations and fitness test results are compiled. Recommendations for off-ice conditioning are sent to each parent/student and coach. Each quarterly result can be compared for improvements and conditioning needs.
  • Conditioning Log – Students are provided a log sheet to track their participation in off-ice conditioning workouts.

New participants can be tested and come into the program at any time. The fee for the Quarterly Personal Best Fitness Test is $5.00* and needs to be paid at the front desk at the time of the fitness test. *Fee only applies to new participants or if a test is conducted outside of a regularly scheduled class.
Watch for emails through the Fort Collins Skating Club for updates. Skaters enrolled in Learn To Skate Free Skate classes will be given information during class. Information will also be posted in the blue rink lobbies bulletin board.

If you have questions regarding EPIC’S Off-ICE CONDITIONING PROGRAM please contact the EPIC front desk.