FCFSC club jacket orders are processed through Go Figure Skating, LLC.  Jacket orders are due by Friday, October 21, 2016.

To place an order:

  1. Please fill out the form below (there are two jacket options – fill out the form corresponding to your jacket choice)
  1. Submit the order via one of two ways:
    1. Place the order form and payment in the locked file cabinet in the Green Rink
    2. Give order form and payment to Maureen of Go Figure Skating  LLC (contact info is listed below)

Click here to download the FCFSC Black Club Jacket Order Form

Click here to download the Charles River Jacket Order Form

No orders will be processed without payment.  If you need to try on a jacket please contact Maureen(contact info is listed below).

Pricing on the jackets has changed since the Club jackets were offered in April, these order forms reflect the updated pricing.  If you had previously ordered/paid and there is a balance due, Maureen will contact you.  If you ordered but your payment wasn’t processed/deposited- please fill out another form and submit it again.

Contact information for Maureen with Go Figure Skating LLC:

Maureen Brotherton
Go Figure Skating, LLC
Office (970)282-8957 Fax (970)282-8959
Cell (970)391-2519