The FCFSC Board of Directors is comprised of elected volunteers working together to support our skaters and their families, develop and sustain club programs, and promote the sport of figure skating in northern Colorado. All club operations are coordinated and sustained by the Board of Directors and several volunteer committees.

The Board of Directors consists of twelve elected officers serving 3-year terms. Elections for director positions occur during the FCFSC annual meeting, held in May of each year. Nominations and self-nominations are encouraged and may be submitted to the Nominations Committee.

Committees oversee various aspects of club operations and consist of board members and members at large. Members are encouraged to volunteer for committees that align with their personal or professional backgrounds and are of interest to them. Information about these committees and other volunteer opportunities can be found on the Volunteer Opportunities page.

2017 – 2018 Board of Directors

Debbie Kindsfater


Sheldrin Zhu

First Vice President

Second Vice President

Denise Pozvek

Recording Secretary

Stacy Williamson


Lynda Strommer

Corresponding Secretary

Jennifer Bradshaw

Membership Chair; Safesport and Compliance Chair

Amy Aspelund

Director at large

Yoko Matsuura

Director at large

Hillary Payne

Director at large

Marianne Strobel

Director at large

Director at large


If you are interested in serving on a committee or would like to contact a committee, please email and include the name of the committee in the subject line. You may also fill out our Committee Registration Form by clicking on the following button. If an email is listed next to the committee participants, you may contact that committee directly.

Join A Committee

Adult Skating

Hillary Payne       Direct Contact:


Lynda Strommer

Club Education

Dawn Cramer & Lynda Strommer, Marianne Strobel


Lynda Strommer


Dawn Cramer,  Direct Contact:


Jennifer Bradshaw      Direct Contact:

Fort Collins Classic

Dawn Cramer & Kelly Cann, Debbie Kindsfater, Kate Corser-James, Stacy Williamson

Fright Fest

Gordon Harrison, Debbie Kindsfater, Dawn Cramer


Carol Hartman


Debbie Kindsfater, Yoko Matsurra, Paula Wilson      Direct Contact:

Ice Show

Kari Fletcher, Michelle Daly, Brent Brotherton

Junior Board

Debbie Kindsfater, Paula Wilson

Learn to Skate USFS

Hillary Payne & Denise Pozvek, Lynda Strommer, Marianne Strobel, Amy Aspelund


Jennifer Bradshaw       Direct Contact:


Maureen Brotherton

Safesport and Coach Compliance

Jennifer Bradshaw      Direct Contact:


Heidi Thibert      Direct Contact:

Social & Banquet

Lynda Stommer, Amy Aspelund, Hillary Payne


Sheldrin Zhu, Kathy Krzyzkowski, Kate Corser-James      Direct Contact:

Volunteer Coordinator

Heidi Early