The Fort Collins Figure Skating Club hosts an awards banquet each spring to honor the accomplishments of FCFSC skaters in the prior year. The next banquet will be June 26, 2021 ad will be for graduating seniors only.

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All club coaches and officials are invited to attend the banquet free of charge.  Please email Melody King at to RSVP by Feb 14th.

Previous Award Winners

Jack Knight Leadership Award

Jack Knight, President Emeritus and an honorary lifetime member of FCFSC,  founded the  Ice Skating Club of Fort Collins (which is now the FCFSC) in 1987.  He has set an example of how strong leadership can affect others.  We award skaters in this area who set clear examples of genuine leadership. (Recipient is nominated by coaches; voted on by the BOD and coaches.)

“Leaders take on challenges; leaders are role models and inspire others to be their personal best”

Chip Wasson 2007-2008
Lauren Chiavetta 2008-2009
Katrina Thibert 2009-2010
Emma Jobson 2010-2011
Britta Mathiowetz 2010-2011
Breann Howes 2011-2012
Collin Kennedy 2012-2013
Haylie Patrick 2013-2014
Elizabeth Chen 2014-2015
Brooke Heaton 2015-2016
Alisa Matsura 2016-2017

“Twice The Ice” Perseverance Award

The second sheet of ice (the green rink)  at EPIC, which opened in March 2003, took many years of perseverance to materialize.  Scores of people from all areas of skating devoted countless hours to the project.  We award skaters in this category that exemplify real perseverance. (Recipient is nominated by coaches; voted on by coaches and the BOD.)

“Steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, belief or purpose”

Amanda Hobaugh 2006-2007
Tiffany Deutch 2007-2008
Hayley Templeton-Norris 2008-2009
Lisa Moore 2009-2010
Michalah Thorn 2010-2011
Emma Jobson & Linnae Sidinger 2011-2012
Alison Arnold 2012-2013
Jacqueline Rickett 2013-2014
Erika Lehman & Jason Pacini 2014-2015
Kassie Hawley 2015-2016
Brooke Heaton 2016-2017

Skating for Life Award

The Fort Collins Figure Skating Club has many adults who still enjoy lacing up their skates and hitting the ice.  We would like to commend all the adults who are setting an example for the younger generation of the Club that age doesn’t matter when it comes to enjoying a sport that is timeless.

Karen Miller-Rothgery 2008-2009
Denise Pozvek 2009-2010
Betsi Mead 2010-2011
William & Lauretta Koopman 2011-2012
Erika Lehman 2012-2013
Bill Hudson 2013-2014
Patricia Brinks & Hillary Payne 2014-2015
Kaitlyn (Kenyon) Hoppal 2015-2016
Mary Beth Fisher 2016-2017


Sportsmanship Award & Nice on the Ice Award

Both of these awards are nominated by the skater’s peers.  These awards exemplify what it means to exhibit good sportsmanship: courtesy (both on and off the ice), support for fellow skaters, and grace in losing.  The “Sportsmanship” Award is for our age 13 and over skaters, and the “Nice on the Ice” award is for our age 13 and under skaters.

Nice on the Ice Award (13 and under)

Allison Prewitt 2004-2005
Jacqueline Rickett 2005-2006
Joe Johnson 2006-2007
Paulina Andrews and Ashley Stewart 2007-2008
Zane Wolf 2008-2009
Kellen Burkett 2009-2010
Elizabeth Cicione 2010-2011
Elizabeth Chen 2011-2012
Alisa Matsuura 2012-2013
Natalie Wilson 2013-2014
Eilse Daly & Joanna Kindsfater 2014-2015
Sofia Cann 2015-2016
Merritt Cramer 2016-2017


Sportsmanship Award (13 and over)

Ali Dody- Hettler 2003-2004
Kara Daniel 2004-2005
Ashley Edwards 2005-2006
Emma Jobson 2006-2007
Lauren Chiavetta 2007-2008
Erika Craven 2008-2009
Haylie Patrick 2009-2010
Britta Mathiowetz 2010-2011
Jennifer Moon 2011-2012
Elizabeth Cicione 2012-2013
Rachel Dervaes 2013-2014
Ethan Coldren & Allison Corser James 2014-2015
Briana Brotherton 2015-2016
Brooke Heaton 2016-2017